Erdem AKIN

Firdevs GÜNEŞ

In Turkish culture, as the family is considered to be the most important social institution, the woman, who is the basis of the family institution, has a high value in Turkish lifestyle and oral-written culture. In the past, women were at the forefront of all kinds of work in life or all the challenges that need to be solved. In the past centuries, it was demanded from women to be a warrior who uses a sword, rides a horse, in accordance with the requirements of the times. The anticipations in the Turkish social life have led to the creation of works in this direction in literary products. Thus, epics, Dede Korkut stories and folk tales are adorned with an alptype (warrior type) female portraits. This study on the types of female heroes in the tale of Yaralı Mahmut story focuses on the classification and characteristics of women in the work. When the type features were determined, the position, the events and the attitudes of the women were taken as a basis. It is seen that female heroes in the tale of Yaralı Mahmut exhibit a large variety of attitudes and behaviors. In the women of the Titanic story, it is possible to classify as "lover type", "maternal type", "assistant type" and "inhibitory type". It is thought that this classification can be used for all folk tales if supported by new research to be done. In addition, it is expected that the determination of the general characteristics of female heroes will contribute to the discussion of the place and the importance of women in Turkish culture in the context of the public story, which is one of the oral literary products.

Key Words: Yaralı Mahmut, Woman Type, Mahbup, Typology, Culture