Hatice İÇEL

Tales, legends, jokes, folk tale, and etc. are the types thought to be in the scope of folk narrative. These works which constitute the folk literature of the folklore in the general sense can also be found in the out-of-field works. In this context, it is observed that the samples of folk narratives and special characteristics of these texts are treated in the some texts of classical Turkish literature. The mesnevi called Hüsn ü Aşk by Şeyh Galib is also one of these works. In this paper, examples of the folk narrative in Hüsn ü Aşk have been studied in terms of folk tales and tales. No characteristics related to the other narrative genres is found, therefore they are not emphasized. As a result of this study, the characteristics of folk tales and tales in Hüsn ü Aşk have been determined.

Key Words: Folk narrative, folk tale, tale, Şeyh Galib, Hüsn ü Aşk