Bülent ARI

Mustafa Burak TOP

People living in primitive societies believed that illnesses like a lot of unexplained events were related to supernatural powers. Therefore, methods such as witching and thaumaturgy, vowing, sacrificing, using totem and having a tattoo were among methods used as the most effective treatment applications. In Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, Ancient China and Ancient Iran were there several similar treatment methods within the frame of folk medicine although those civilizations were far away from each other. Folk medicine has a widespread effect on Turkish culture. It is possible to see effects of this on literal works. For instance, there are the words of “em” and “emci” related to folk medicine in Diwan Lughat at-Turk. While “em” was used in the meaning of medicine, “emci” was used for people making medicine. Furthermore, the same words were used in Kutadgu Bilig which was among the first Islamic Works. Additionally, there are some examples about folk medicine in “The Stories of Dede Korkut”. In the study, some applications about some health problems in Hatay from past to present were explained. There were several applications for health problems since health services were inadequate and it was not easy to make use of available health services. It is known that these applications have reached today, and most of them are applied today - like using olive oil, lemon for treatment. Herbs and animal products are generally used in these applications. Furthermore, it was seen that health problems are tried to be healed via supernatural powers as a result of their beliefs. Herbs existing in the region are important indicatives of folk medicine applications in Hatay. Olive oil which is commonly used in the region is seen to be used for most of health problems. Additionally, it can be said that lemon and other herbs grown in the region are used in folk medicine applications.

Keywords: Folk, Folk Medicine, Hatay, Folk Medicine in Hatay