Ahmet İÇLİ

One of the important source of Classical Turkish literature are magazines. Maganizes could be identified as works have the characteristics of compilation. Studies on magazines which include poetic or prosaic, poets and texts that are written in various lines are increasingly continued during the recent years. In this accelerated process about magazine studies that inclued texts and poems, it could be reached to a new poet or poet’s new poems in every new magazine. There are 2 (two) Basîrîs in 16th century Turkish literature based on available information. Those which Alaca, Khorasanian, Şarkî, Acem and Baghdadian’s Turkish poems are broadcasted. Aynîzâde Abdulgânî Basîrî who died late in same century has only one couplet in Zübdetü’l-Eşar. There are 13 poems/odes registered to the name of Basîrî in the magazine that called as well “Bahru’l-Maarif” or “Sandukatu’l-Maarif” completed by Kasîmî in early of 17th century. One of them is the same with an ode which is seen among Baghdadian Basîrî’s broadcasted poems. Other 12 odes are not existed in broadcasted texts. Our article is a broadcasting of nicknamed Basîrî’s 12 new poems are written in A.D 1625 in Kasımî magazine that we’ve just determined and completed studies on and made it ready to broadcast.

Key words: Magazine, Basîrî, Kasımî, poem/ode.