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In this study, it is aimed to analyse the documentary novel of the Russian writer Vasily Grossman's “Everything Flows” within the frame of dialectical relationships of slavery and freedom concepts. The novel, which has prominent aspects of a documentary; has expression features that can be the topic of a literary work, since it has a success of reflecting the psychological state of the characters, philosophical underpinnings and universal queries as well as place depictions that allow to discuss slavery-freedom dialect at a symbolic level. These features of the novel have been explained with the help of philosophy, psychology and semiotics disciplines: the people, concepts and symbols in the novel have been examined in terms of the values they represent thoroughly. In addition, special attention has been paid to the factor of place, which allows the dialectical relationship between slavery and freedom to be told at a symbolic level.

Keywords: Soviet Union, Vasily Grossman, novel, slavery, freedom, dialectics