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Kürşat KOÇAK

The dominant nomadic tribe in the Nort Caucaus and the Nort Blacksea was the İskit bringing a new culture sice 8th century B.C. Although thera are lots of discussion about this tribe’s root, the most common is that they are from Middle Asia. The most important resource about the early age “the history” by Herodot is the base of this opinion.However, the first setler was Kimmers the İskits held sway from the North Caspian Sea to Volga, Don, Dinyeper, Bug Dinyester rivers and the nort Blacksea and the East Europe. Moreover, they organized lots of expeditions to the Balkans and Anatolıa. They put the products got during the expeditions in the kurgans. The belief living in the other world and ancestor cult caused the kurgan yo come out. They cared the kurgans and they built kurgans in the different size and prosperty. The first excavations about the kurgans made by Russian scientists and they classified according to the building techniques . Also, the archeological offering provides us important imformation about steppe life style. According to the information we learn thanks to the archeological offering İskit’s animal style art spread from Asia to the East Europe. And these works were found in the kurgans in Caucaus, North Blacksea East Europe.

Keywords: İskits, Kurgans, Steppe, Caucaus, Blacksea