Copyrigth and Conflict of Interest

Authors sending their academic articles to Black Sea Journal accept the following:

  1. An author’s paper is entitled to copyright protection, and is to give her/his copyright to the journal upon its first initial publishing. One’s paper is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which enables it to be shared by others via permission from the author as well according to the terms and conditions laid out by this journal upon (the paper’s) first initial publishing. Info License :
  2. The author is entitled to have a separate contract drawn up in which allows for her/his paper as it is published in our journal to be distributed without providing full authorisation (e.g., a paper’s being sent to the databank of an institution, or for its being published in a book, etc.)
  3. Authors are encouraged to share their share their papers via the internet either before they submit their work to our journal or as they wait through the submission process (e.g., to an institutional database or via their own personal websites, etc.). In doing so, this allows both for a fruitful exchange of ideas and feedback, as well as allows for the paper to be earlier as well as more widely referenced.