Oğuzhan SEVİM

Basic concepts and terms like social groups, social identity and social classification undertake important tasks in the process of socializing of the individual. These concepts and terms are related to perception of social identity which conveys psycho-social and cultural integrity of an individual. Aim of this research is to state social identiy perceptions of the Turkish teacher candidates. Scanning model has been used in the study. “Poll of social identity perception of Turkish teacher candidates” which was prepared by the researcher to gather information has been applied to 200 Turkish teacher candidates. In the analysis of the parameters, frequency and percentage methods from visual analysis methods, test of Ki Kare from intuitive method have been used. At the end of the research it has been understood that participation of Turkish teacher candidates to the social groups which have cultural and artistic contents have more ratio than participation to other groups and there is a significant disperity in the issue of participation to the social groups in terms of gender which favors men.

Key Words: Social groups, Turkish teacher candidates, social identity perception