Bülent KARA

After the second world war, environmental right considered as third generation rights were gained more importance. Overcoming environmental rights and sharing common human inheritance rights become general problem for everybody instead ofthinking them as individual problem. Problems caused by scientific and technical developmental are the most important factors resulted in formation ofthird generation rights. Solving these problems obligated to live together in an community. Solidarity rights grown as inevitable parts of the solution perspects. It is possible to create more humanistic community by improving these rights. It does not look like that state alone provide these rights, solution might be likely that both act ofthe individuals and publich organizational foundation. In this aspect, we aimed to determine, discuss and offer solution ways ofthe problems caused by Akaya Dam, which was located in university campuse area, by motiveting coordination between University and civil public organizations (NICEK) in this study.

Key words: Environmental Rights, Environmental Problems, Solidarity, civil community