Botır Matyakubov

In this study, musical properties of Azerbaijani and Ozbek (particularly Harezmi) legends are examined. In particular, the ancient, composed and rich art of minstrels (ashıks) and bachis are focused on. The relationship between two types of art and legendary melodies are analysed. Art produced by folk minstrels dates back to the ancient roots of Turks. Minstrelship art based on recitation in poetic style is accepted as cretaive minstrelsy. Minstrels and bachis used to feed the souls of our ancestors and shape spiritual philosophy by singing songs, giving voice to love of motherland, conveying sacred spiritual richness, showing philantrophy, keeping true to human nature and exhibiting life philosophy, which is the main essence of art.

Key Words : Legend, Minstrel, Bachi, Saz, Tar, Pardha, Nama, Musical properties, Legendary melody