Oxymoron is one of the language elements used in verbaland written communication (usually except for the formal speeches and correspondence). It is the stunning, impressive expression of art, which creates astonishment on there ceiver ( listener, reader) by using the combination of the words which are evoking contrast. It is some times confused with the literary arts such as contrast, irony, paradox, metaphoretc. And leds to the meaning confusion. Beside the western languages, doctoral dissertations and articles have been published in Russian. A limited number of scientific articles on the subject are also available in Kyrgyzand Turkish dialects. There is almost no scientific study on the subject in Turkey Turkish. Beside handlingin terms of linguistic, literature, grammar; its formal and semantic properties should be discussed in terms of logolgy and syntax. In this research article, the or etical analysis will be made on oxymoron, moving from it susage format and properties in Turkish, by giving examples from the world languages.

Keywords: Oxymoron, ikirciklem, comport of the oxymoron, constellation of oxymoron