Dear participants of 2nd International BLACK SEA Journal Social Sciences Syposium (IBSESS);
We gladly invite you to take part with full texts in the 2nd International International BLACK SEA Journal Social Sciences Syposium (IBSESS), which will be held in Giresun, one of the most beautiful cities in the Black Sea region, TURKEY, between 21-23 June, 2019.

In the 2ND IBSESS (INTERNATIONAL BLACK SEA JOURNAL SOCIAL SCIENCES SYMPOSIUM), qualified works related to all social sciences are included. Our primary objectives are to create an interdisciplinary academic environment, make it possible for international academic world to exchange their studies, and to disseminate knowledge, evaluations, innovations and views by facilitating international academicians to come together in a vivid and friendly atmosphere.

Presentations accepted will be published in the Proceedings Book both online and in print

As you well know, Black Sea journal is an international refereed journal in its 10th year, which has been contributing to social sciences so far with 40 issues. This journal is indexed by Index Copernicus (IC), Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), Ulrich’s Web (UPD), Modern Language Association of America (MLA), Proquest and ASOS Index.
Fields included for presentations: Antropology, Archeology, Western Languages and Literatures, Humanities, Geography, Modern Turkic Dialects and Literatures, Linguistics, Educational Sciences, Economy, Philosophy, Finance, Journalisn and Media, Public Relations, Law, Basic Education, Higher Education, Administration, Women Studies, Public Administration, Comparative Literature, Library and Catalogue Studies, Museum Studies, Social Sciences Education, Science and Mathematics Education, Psychology, Tourism, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Folklore, Turkish Teaching, International Relations and other social sciences.

The Syposium is open for all persons and institutions studying in social sciences. Languages for presentation are Turkish (All dialects), English, and Russian.
In the Name of Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Erdoğan ALTINKAYNAK
Ardahan University
Faculty of Humanities and Literature